Transaction Information


Transaction Header

The “Transaction Header” panel displays the previously selected transactions in the workflow (including the associated documents like letters and SWIFT messages).The specific information about this transaction can be displayed by clicking the button [ Details] in the top right area of the panel.

The individual workflow steps of this transaction can be displayed by clicking the icon or by clicking the “Workflow” panel and can be edited.

By clicking the icon , the transaction will be rolled back, the status before the transaction is restored and the transaction will be directed back into the tray of the clerk. This is, however, not possible after final release.

Via the icon the transaction is rolled back and the status before this transaction is restored. This is also possible after final release, however, the transaction may not be 'committed'.

The further automatic processing of the transaction can be stopped at any time by clicking the icon (even if the transaction has already been 'committed'). This is done by creating a workflow entry 'Error' for a 'dummy' service named 'Waiting' for a transaction. The status 'Error' indicates, that the transaction is problematical during the monitoring (e.g. when using the Watchdog). The further processing of this transaction has then to be done interactively according to the already processed workflow steps (if, for example, SWIFT messages or bookings have already been transferred). If a transaction was stopped via the icon , the further processing of the workflow can be re-activated via DBWTRN by setting the workflow entry for 'SRVWAI' to 'Done'.





On the “Workflow” panel, the details of the workflow are displayed.

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