Check addresses against BID table

Transaction CHKBID

This transaction checks for all main and additional addresses stored with a BIC in the application whether the BIC in question is available in the BID table.
In addition, the address lines are compared where necessary.

This transaction should at least be started in the BID table after Import BID so that BICs no longer current can be prohibited from being used in business transactions.

Problems and discrepancies are exported in the log file and need to be subsequently processed manually.

Checking the checkbox “Check, if addresses, which are no longer defined in BICPlusIBAN, can be deleted” triggers a check as to whether an address no longer existing in the application could be deleted.

Additionally checking the checkbox “Log the Reasons why Addresses cannot be deleted” triggers a detailed list being generated to show what uses of the address would not permit a manual deletion.

Checking the checkbox “Check address lines too” causes addresses with the status 'Downloaded' and where the addresses and BIC were not changed to be compared with the addresses from BID and, where necessary, to be newly imported from BID.

In Test mode , only checks are made; no update takes place.

In Reorg/Run mode , for

  • parties who have entered a BIC
    • a stoplevel is assigned to the address if the BIC of the main or additional address is no longer known in BID
    • if the address status is 'Downloaded', if the address lines of the address have not been manually modified and the checkbox “Check address lines too” is checked, then the address will be compared with the address from BID and overwritten if not identical.

An automatic deletion of additional addresses or of parties with all addresses does not take place.

Prior to executing the Reorg function, the transaction will check how many addresses would be impacted by changes. If this happens to higher than the number indicated in the ini file CHKBID.INI (default: 100), then the reorganisation can only take place in the foreground and only by an administrator. The latter will receive an appropriate prompt with the number of changes.

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