Adding an Office-menu

Transaction DBAMNU

This transaction is used to create an office menu.

By using the icon an existing menu can be loaded and after maintaining be stored under a new name.
By using the icons and it is possible to easily sort the menu entries in the grid.

Applicable restriction: Menu items need to be typed matched, i.e. any one menu can only contain submenu entries “or” transactions, not a mixture of both. This constraint applies when creating a new menu, as well as modifying an existing one. If a menu, newly created or existing, contains entries of one type, trying to add an item of the other type will throw an error at Save time. Analogously, if your menu contains (say) several transactions, it will not be possible to convert one of them to a submenu. In order to preserve type consistency, either have transactions (as before) or convert all of them to become submenus.

The screenshots reproduced below illustrate the constraint and its outcomes. In the first scenario, we attempt to convert a menu to a transaction, when all other items are menus. Using the same example source, in the second case we undertake to add a transaction (when again all other items are menus). The results are identical in either situation: The system reports an error, and the changes made prevent saving.

Detailed information about this static data system can be found under “Maintaining Office Menu”.

Transaction Panels

TDP Profile


Datafield Description
Default Transaction This field contains the default transaction for login for the respective profile.

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