Maintaining System Calendars

Transaction DBITDC

This transaction is used to administer system calendars.

The calendar function consists of two elements: one or several “system calendars” and the corresponding “public holiday calendar”'.

System calendars can be assigned to currencies and countries, for example. The system identifies such calendars by the name of the system calendar. Thus, the calendar for USD (US dollar) is called 'USD' and the calendar for Germany 'DE'. The corresponding public holiday calendar for the year carries the same name plus four digits for the year.

Initially, a system calendar needs to be determined. Then, using the system calendar as a base a public holiday calendar can be defined.

This transaction is used to maintain system calendars.

The following transactions can be started from here by clicking the icons in the list below for:

Calendars are stored differently according to the entry in tdpara.ini


There are the following possibilities

= 1 --> in directory "ini/calendar" as individual files
= 0 --> in tdpara.ini

If the details are stored in individual files instead of in tdpara.ini, use the transaction “Converting Calendars from TDPARA.INI to Calendars”.

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