Modifying System Parameter

Transaction DBESYS

This transaction is used to modify existing system parameters.

Detailed information about this static data system can be found under “Maintaining System Configuration”.

Transaction Panels

System Settings


Datafield Description
Flag for FastTrack This field specifies whether the quick capture function (fasttrack) is activated or not.
If the checkbox is checked, the fasttrack panel is visible in the (pre)opening transactions
in case a fasttrack definition has been set up for the releavant business sector.
Deactivate Limitsystem By setting this checkbox, limit system can be deactivated centrally.
When this checkbox is set, the limit system for all business sectors
as well as corresponding services in the Task Manager (MGRTSK)
such as 'Limit Check (PDL)' are deactivated.
Use Syndication Business Module This flag describes if the new syndication business module should be used.
Compliance This field can be used to define if the built-in compliance functionality should be used or
the alternative compliance.
When 'Alternative Compliance is selected, the application is interacting with an external Sanction-
Screening-System and creates output in XML format instead of plain text and sends/ receives
compliance requests through the workflow.
use alternative Compliance for incoming messages if this checkbox is set, incoming messages will not be checked by the external sanction screening
Accrual entry Selecting this activates generation of accrual entries in GLE bookings of a contract.

If enabled, the accrual account and income account in the FEE table become mandatory.
Exclude last day from interest calculation Selecting this flag, excludes the last day from interest calculation for Loans and Advance contracts.

Message Parameters


Datafield Description
Replace empty lines in SWIFT messages: In SWIFT messages empty lines are replaced by the character entered.

Following special entries are possible:
No entry means, all emptylines in SWIFT messages will be removed. In SWIFT Messages
created by auto convert, successive empty lines will be consolidated to one single
empty line which will be replaced by “.”

“DELETE” means, all empty lines in SWIFT messages are removed (also the remaining
last empty line in consolidated auto converted SWIFT messages.

“SPACE” means, all empty lines are kept.

If any other character or set of characters in entered, all epmpty lines will be
replaced by the entered character
Autoconvert Standby L/C messages in L/C modules The free format message for Standby L/C’s could be generated
in two different formats/structures.

Free format message
The content in the tag 79 narrative of the free format message
will be like the letter equivalent of the respective
correspondence (e.g. letter amendment message).

Original message structure
The content in the tag 79 narrative of the free format message
will be like the former original SWIFT message format in a tagged
pretty print format but without the individual tag numbers mentioned.

Letter Layout

Reference Numbers

Service Level Agreement

Static Data

Swift Release


Datafield Description
SWIFT Activation Date This field specifies the date, when regulatory changes for Swift 2023 will become effective globally.
Swift CBPR+ payments activation on: - Swift interbank payment messages are by default generated as Swift MT messages.
- MX XML messages can be generated from the date on which is set in this field.
- MT payments and MX (CBPR+) payments cannot be generated in parallel.

For production switch from MT- to MX CBPR+ payments:
- It can be activated at any date between 20. March 2023 and 20. November 2025.
- The latest activation date for MX (CBPR+) payments is Sunday, 23. November 2025.
T2 RTGS activation date On this date the next version of the clearing system T2 RTGS will be activated.

For testing purposes the date can be set to a date prior to the official going live day.
Autoconvert to MT759 On setting this flag, banks will be allowed to autoconvert messages to MT759 instead of MT799.
This is based on SWIFT recommendation that MT799 shall be reduced and
new MT759 should be used instead.

Technical E-Mail Settings


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