Import IBAN Structure File into Country

Transaction IMPIBN

SWIFT provides information about the IBAN structure for all countries by means of the IBAN Structure File.

Import File Requirements

The complete filepath of the import file has to be given in the field “File Path”. Clicking will import the appropriate file into the table “CTY - Country”. If a country is not present in the static data, the IBAN structure information for this country will not be imported.

The information will be used during checks of IBAN account numbers. The fields can be modified with “Maintaining Countries”.

Clicking displays the log file for the transaction.

N.B.: The BATIN sub-folder needs to be added to the DATA folder in the application and the import file needs to be stored in this sub-folder.

The file has to be in ASCII format and the file extension has to be .txt for text files.

Further information on the standard import procedure can be found in the developer documentation.

Transaction Panels

Import XRTs


Datafield Description
Encoding of Import File Possible encodings are
“CP850” MS-DOS Central Europe
“​UTF-8”​ UTF-8

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