Currency Import

Transaction IMPCUR

This function is used to import currencies.

Import File Requirements

The “Path” field lists the path of the directory to which the files imported have been saved. The actual import also takes place from this particular folder. The default setting is that this will be the 'batin' (for Batch Input) folder, which is a subdirectory of the 'data' partition.

In the “File Name” field, the (currency) file is selected that is to be imported. Clicking on the icon causes the currency data to be imported from the folder above into the system.


Partition Directory Comments
data batin Contains the currency files to be imported
data batin\arc\<YYYYMM> Archive directory for successfully imported currency files, with YYYY representing the current year and MM the current month. If the subdirectory <YYYYMM> does not exist as yet, it is automatically created.
data batin\error Directory for unsuccessfully imported currency files

Note: The subdirectory BATIN must be created in the DATA directory of the application. The converted import file has to be in that subdirectory. The structure of the import file depends on each individual environment and has to be clarified between the user and Surecomp DOS to meet the needs of the specific project.

The file has to be available in ASCII format and has to have a .txt extension.

Further particulars on standard import procedures can be found in the Developer Documentation.

Transaction Panels

Import CURs


Datafield Description
Encoding of Import File Possible encodings are
“CP850” MS-DOS Central Europe
“​UTF-8”​ UTF-8

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