Job Manager

Transaction JOBTSK

This transaction is either used to process jobs manually or automatically via the job system Adding a Job (DBAJOB). The 'due' or 'overdue' jobs are displayed in the table. It can be updated via the icon .

Transactions as well as scripts can be used as jobs.

The user can start or stop the Job Manager via the icons and . Thereby, all jobs displayed in the table are processed.

In the top left corner of the panel the user can define, after how many minutes a job has to be marked as erroneous, in case it has not been finished after the specified period. The function is switched off by entering a negative value. When a job terminates with error, the JOBTSK won't pick it anymore. The job has to be maintained with DBxJob. Doing so, the error status automatically is reset.

Individual jobs can only be processed via the icon . By clicking the icon the log file of the current job is displayed. In this file the processes and possibly occurring errors while processing transactions or scripts are logged.

Further information about jobs can be found in Maintaining Jobs (DBIJOB).

Managers running in foreground mode always need to be started manually.

On this panel the overdue jobs are displayed. These can be, for example, jobs that have not yet been processed, as the Job Manager is not running.

Tracing of Transactions

Transactions, which are being run via the job manager, can be traced by starting the job manager in the foreground and activating the wanted debug switches. The job manager will pass its own debug switches as commandline parameters to the transactions which have been initiated by the job manager.

Transaction Panels

Task Manager

This panel displays the overdue jobs which have not been processed, because the Job Manager is not running yet.


Datafield Description
Start Time of Job Date This field displays the date and time the Task Manager was started.
Automatic Termination Flag This field defines the reason for terminating the Task Manager
- at a predefined time. In this case enter the time in the field on the right
- if list empty. The Task Manager will then stop when the list of open
transactions is empty.
- manually only. In this case the Task Manager will stop in case the
“stop” button is pressed.
Redotime This field contains the restart time of the Task Manager in seconds. If processing
is set to 'automatic', the Task Manager will restart after this time selected.
If 'manual' any time period entered is irrelevant.
Application Trace Flag This option sets the trace level of the transaction. Higher values mean more details.

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