Rate Export

Transaction XRTEXP

The Rate Export transaction handles the export of a specified/all currency/ies on a given date to an XML file. The output is designed as input to the allNETT system and supports Job execution for continuous synchronization between the systems.

Input fields
  • “Selected currency” - Defines the currency for export, default currency is empty. When no currency is selected all currencies would be exported.
  • “Export Rates per” - Defines the effective date for the rate export. This field is mandatory and default to Today. Only the rates effective for the selected date would be taken (i.e. between BEGDAT and ENDDAT).
  • “Pathname” and “File name” - Defines the output XML file path and name. The name is composed of the base file name as defined by the user and the export time stamp if the '“Add a timestamp”…' checkbox is checked.
  • “Job Execution” - Defines the type of job to execute post the extract, options are either no job or a synchronized script.
  • “Job” - Defines the script to be executed when the export is complete.
Output format

Output XML schema is described on “static_data.xsd”. The output can hold zero to many currency blocks with the following fields:

Tag Description Format Example
entity The code for the generating allNETT entity Integer 30 for Hamburg
currency Currency code 3 characters code USD for US Dollars
last_update The effective range start date yyyy-mm-dd 2017-03-03
rate The middle rate effective on the selected date Decimal 3.8764
exim_rate Not in use, always 0 Integer 0
convert_type not in use, always empty N/A
  • Click to execute the export using the input parameters.
  • Click to view the standard transaction log.
  • Click to save the entered input parameters to the transaction's INI file making them available for the next execution. Note the selected currency and date are not saved and defaulted as per the specification above.

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