Reorganizing Party Address Associations

Transaction REOPTA

The transaction is used to update table PTA based on the data in the tables ADR and PTY.

Thus, parties who are no longer connected to any contract can get deleted. It has to be considered that checking addresses with pending transactions (SPT) cannot be done. If REOPTA has deleted such an address, the address has to be recreated in order for the pending transaction to process.

By clicking the icon the update will take place. In case only a check for unused addresses needs to be done, this can be accomplished by clicking .

Unused addresses are deleted during the reorganization, if the checkbox “Delete unused Addresses” will be checked. If the reasons why addresses could not be deleted have also to be displayed in the log, the checkbox “Log for listing the Reasons why Addresses have not been deleted” has to be checked.

All processes executed during the reorganization are written to the log and can be shown by clicking the icon .

Transaction Panels


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