Reorganizing Helptexts (HLP)

Transaction REOHLP

This transaction is used to search for missing or unused helptexts (database table HLP).

By checking the checkbox Delete unused Helptext unused helptexts will be deleted.

It is also possible to search for empty NAM fields (field Description) and for empty TXT fields (the actual helptexts).
Depending on which function has to be executed, the relevant checkboxes have to be checked or unchecked.

The field List of checked Languages the languages to be checked are defined. By default, the defined languages are English and German.

The transaction is checking for helptexts with Level 'User Level'. Texts with other levels are ignored.

After defining the settings, a list of the relevant data will be displayed, after has been clicked. All processes of the transaction are written to the log, which can be displayed by clicking the icon .

Further information about helptexts can be found under Maintaining Helptexts.

Transaction Panels


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