Reorganizing TDRIGHTS Entries

Transaction REOTDR

The main task of this reorganization transaction is to synchronize the user list in TDRIGHTS.INI and the user table (USR table) and to create the missing entries on each side, respectively.

After clicking the icon the following tasks will be performed:

  1. In the current entity, a default entry is created in the USR table for every user ID in TDRIGHTS.INI, that has not been found in the USR table of any entity.
  2. A default TDRIGHTS.INI-entry is created for every user ID in the USR table in the current entity, for which there is no entry in TDRIGHTS.INI. This entry is expired, and can therefore not be used directly.
  3. For every user ID that exists both in TDRIGHTS.INI and database, the optional database fields are filled from TDRIGHTS.INI

After running the reorganization process, the individual steps can be followed in the log (by clicking the icon ).

Transaction Panels


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