Maintaining Service Order

Transaction DBISRO

This service is used to maintain the sequence of services.

The sequence defines the order in which services are processed by the Task Manager. Changes in the sequence should be made with care together with a member of the support team since some services are dependent on the successful execution of a preceding service.

The following transactions can be started from here by clicking the icons in the list below for:

Typical restrictions in the sequence include:

  • “Check Signatures” before “Make transaction final”
  • “Check Predecessors” before “Make transaction final”
  • “Make transaction final” before “SWIFT”
  • “Make transaction final” before “Print”
  • “Make transaction final” before “Telex”
  • “Make transaction final” before “Cleanup” (to cover cases where no document is created)
  • “SWIFT” before “Cleanup”
  • “Print” before “Cleanup”
  • “Telex” before “Cleanup”

Visualizing the Service Order

The workflow of the services can be graphically represented in a separate panel by clicking . This option enables the user to display this occasionally complex context in a well-structured and transparent way and significantly facilitates understanding of the context.

Checking the “Suppress WAI” checkbox means that the item “Workflow blocked” (WAI = Wait; Workflow blocked) is not displayed in the visualization. This makes the visualization a little clearer.

Depending on your screen size and layout, the visualization may overflow the visible area. In order to manage this issue, a feature was introduced to let you load various predefined layouts, as well as customize the visualization according to your own preferences. The interface provides the following options:

  • Default configuration, which may be associated with the aforementioned overflow phenomenon
  • Normal with label: a similar representation to the default but scaled down in size
  • Compressed with label: further reduced font size
  • Compressed no label: nodes not identified by added text such as “Make transaction final”
  • User defined: based on parameters of your choice

All configurations, including the first four, can be customized, although the effect will only affect the current session unless you choose the “User defined” option. In order to customize any setup click the icon on the taskbar. This performance will make the boxes “L margin”, etc., editable, and will apply the values entered as soon as you click . Only if you select “User defined” will clicking the [Save Config] button enable you to make these settings persistent, i.e. to invoke them during a subsequent session.


Note: The modifications to the sequence should be made with care together with a member of the support team since changes can have deep impact on the correct processing of the Task Manager.

Services can be added to, or removed from, the workflow via the buttons [+] and [-].

Transaction Panels

Service Order


Datafield Description
Preceding Service cf Appendix A, Table SRO field PRESRV
Succeeding Service cf Appendix A, Table SRO field SUCSRV

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