Replacement of Responsible User

Transaction CONSBU

This transaction allows the seleted user responsible to be replaced by a new user responsible in all contracts of a particular business sector. This will be necessary, for instance, if a staff member (who was the responsible user for various contracts) changes departments or leaves the organization.

In addition, the user will be replaced in all diary events of the busines sector selected (irrespective of whether the overriding contract is processed or not). Open transactions waiting for action by the user selected will continue to do so after the execution of CONSBU and will continue to wait for the 'old' user.

Irrespective of whether an exchange in contracts is to be made, the user can also be replaced in all diary events and/or all pending items in all business sectors. To this end, the relevant checkboxes are to be checked.

If an exchange in contracts is to take place, the business sector desired is selected first of all. It is thus possible to narrow down the process by selecting a “Business Sector” (dropdown menu). Checking the “All” checkbox will alternatively apply the process to all business sectors, disabling the dropdown.

By specifying the fields in the upper section of the panel, it can be precisely stipulated for which contract(s) the user responsible is to be replaced by another such user.

These responsible users are specified in the “Old Responsible User” and “New Responsible User” fields. With the icon these users can be searched conveniently. The desired contract can also be searched, for example, by the party number or by using the opening or closing dates of the contract (the fields “Opened from” and “Closed from”).

After clicking the icon , found contracts that match the selection criteria are listed in a table at the bottom of the panel. Clicking the icon will replace the user (“Old Responsible User”) in the displayed contracts with the user under “New Responsible User”.

If the checkboxes “Diaries” and/or “Pending Items” are checked, the status of will show how many corresponding records were found, will exchange the user in these records and again the status line will show how many were processed.

If a user is to be deleted, the transaction Deleting User Profile (DBDUSR) is used.

Transaction Panels



Datafield Description
External Key cf Appendix A, Table PTY field EXTKEY
Implementing deadlines All diary events of the old user responsible,
irrespective of the contract or business sector,
are passed on to the new user reponsible.
Open transactions All open transactions of the old user reponsible, irrespective of contracts, business sectors or entry status,

are passed on to the new user reponsible.
External Key cf Appendix A, Table USR field EXTKEY
External Key cf Appendix A, Table USR field EXTKEY

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