Transfer Diary

Transaction DIASBU

This transaction allows for transferring diaries from one user ('Old User') to another ('New User'). To determine the users involved, it is possible to enter part of their names or user IDs, if they are known. For example, putting a 'k' into either of the text boxes provided will bring up a list of all users whose name and/or user IDs contain(s) this letter. Alternatively, clicking the icon will open the 'Enhanced User Search' dialog:

After entering the desired search parameters and clicking the [Search] button, the transaction will display a list (which may be empty) of matches with all available parameters (User ID, etc.) The [Clear] button resets any input made. Double-clicking any entry will close the dialog, selecting the user in question as the 'Old/New User' on the main page. After selecting both users, it is possible to do a simulated transfer by clicking the icon on the menu bar. This performance has the effect of demonstrating the outcome of doing the transfer without actually changing any data. The test run is not a prerequisite, i.e. the actual transfer can be started without testing. It may turn out that the nominated 'Old User' has no current diaries, in which case the transfer obviously cannot happen. In such a scenario, the system will display a suitable message, and the Count of Diaries to be transferred will be zero:

Conversely, if the test run was successful, the Count of Diaries to be transferred will be greater than zero, and the system will prompt the user to “check the log”. Review of the log as expected is enabled by clicking the icon. Typical content of the log file includes information as to the work environment used and the previously set parameters (Old/New User), as well as the outcome (n diaries to be transferred, indication of any errors and warnings). If the test was executed without any issues, the user is ready to initiate the actual transfer by clicking the icon. Completion will be reported by a message having the semantical form, “n diaries transferred from User A to User B.”

Transaction Panels



Datafield Description
Name cf Appendix A, Table USR field NAM
Name cf Appendix A, Table USR field NAM

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