Import Field Mapping for Incoming Messages

Transaction DBYSWM

This transaction can be used to import field maps for incoming messages.

SWM records have a common source, message type and transaction. These mappings are saved as files with the extension .dbe. The available mappings are displayed in the field “Files”. In the “Directory” field the complete path of the directory is specified from which the mappings are imported. By default, the files are stored in directory 'swm' of the 'data' partition.

Mappings to be imported can be selected by clicking the appropriate filename in the field “Files”. After selecting the file click to import the relevant mappings from this directory.

The file names are structured as follows:

'swm'+Source+Type+Transaction+'dbe' (with dots between each strings)

Example: The file for source SWIFT, message type MT700, transaction LETOPN has the name 'swm.s.700.letopn.dbe'.

Alternative mappings are indicated by the word 'alternative' in the file name, e.g. 'swm.s.700.letopn.alternative.dbe'. An alternative mapping may exist for each message type if due to regulatory changes in SWIFT or other electronic channel it may be necessary to handle different mappings.

Note: Under no circumstances may the files be renamed, because during import process field mapping are deleted according to their file names.

Detailed information on this static data system can be found under “Maintaining Field Mappings for Incoming Messages”.

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