Preselection of context-sensitive Helptexts

Transaction DBPHLP

This transaction is used, if helptexts are to be added, modified or deleted. This transaction can be accessed, if an arbitrary field in a transaction is selected and the context menu 'Edit content Helptext' (right mouse-click) is clicked.

The following transactions can be started from here by clicking the buttons in the list below:


It is possible to display and change the helptext with one of the available transactions listed above.

If a helptext is already available, the sequence is displayed in black characters. If there is no helptext available at module level, the sequence is displayed in red. Thus, the icon is only available for red sequences while and are only available for black sequences. A sequence can be selected by highlighting it and clicking or simply by double-clicking the respective sequence. starts the transaction “Maintaining Helptexts” with the corresponding path for the helptext.

A field in a panel can actually display several helptexts. The more specialist a text is, the more precise the module path has to be. Example:

A helptext for the 'EXTKEY' field from the 'PTS' database table is always displayed when the field contains an external key for a party's address. A helptext for the transaction with the module path \LETOPN\LEDGRP\ISS\PTS and for the 'EXTKEY' is only displayed when the field shows an external key for the role ISS (issuing bank) in the transaction LETOPN to an Export L/C. This text will not be displayed in the transaction LETAME or for the role BEN (beneficiary).

Helptexts stored without any details of a field are displayed in all fields at the same module level. Such texts are used to store descriptions for parties in different roles, for example. These are then displayed in all fields in which the relevant role appears (e.g. Reference Number, Party Number, Address Block).

When retrieving a helptext for a particular field (either using [F1] or the context menu) all the helptexts that have been stored for the field on the different possible levels (with the exception of documentation on the transaction) are displayed. These are displayed in the sequence they are also defaulted for editing - i.e. from the most specialist to the most general.

Thus, when adding new texts, think about the various module levels the text could be assigned to. Where applicable, it could also make sense to assign the 'planned' text to several levels.

Transaction Panels

Helptext selection


Datafield Description
Unique Key 1/Project cf Appendix A, Table HLP field KEY1
Unique Key 2/Type cf Appendix A, Table HLP field KEY2
Unique Key 3/Table or Transaction\Module path cf Appendix A, Table HLP field KEY3
Unique Key 4/Field cf Appendix A, Table HLP field KEY4
Language Code cf Appendix A, Table HLP field UIL
Level Code cf Appendix A, Table HLP field LEV
User ID of Last Modification cf Appendix A, Table HLP field USR

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