Maintain Codetables

Transaction SYSTBL

Before version 2.4 of this application, this transaction was supported. 

As of version 2.4 it is replaced by Maintain Codetables.

This transaction enables codetables required to process transactions to be managed. As the contents of a table needs to be accurate to ensure that the system or a transaction works correctly, any amendments made should be done with the assistance of the supporter.

Code tables can be defined so that they apply system-wide, i.e., apply to all entity groups = Level 'All Entity Groups', or individually for each entity group = Level 'Entity Group'. This is needed to allow different texts to be defined for different entity groups

After selecting an existing codetable, the contents of this codetable is displayed. The following features are available:

  • Modify
  • Delete
  • Change Level
  • Print
  • Export
  • Import
  • Show Log
  • Export All
  • Import All

To add a new codetable to the database, click and define or select “Level”, “Language”, “Key Length”, “Text Length” and “Sorting”.

  • A codetable can only be created in the system language English.
  • The six-digit code of a codetable has to be upper case (e.g. “ATPTXT”).
  • In case lower case letters are used in field “Table” when creating a new codetable, these will automatically be converted into upper case.
  • The “Code” itself must be entered in upper case.
  • The buttons [+] and [-] can be used to add lines to or delete lines from the table.
  • After clicking the icon the codetable will also be created automatically for the other available languages.

These tables will then have to be translated into the relevant language by selecting the desired language and clicking the icon.

Such a new codetable then has to be incorporated into the transaction rules by the supporter in order to for the content to be made available during transaction processing.

The icon is activated, if a codetable and a language is selected. The actual contents of the codetable in the selected language will be printed.

Change Level Function

The icon can be used to change the level of a code table. This allows the level to be changed from 'All Entity Groups' to 'Entity Group' and vice versa.

Export Function

When exporting a codetable, all languages available in the language-based CTE file are also exported.

Import All / Export All Functions

For preparing a release change, the function is required. The function is used, for example, for upgrading the data inventory of a production system.

**Important Notice**

Modifications to and deletions of existing codetables can have deep impact on correct system processing. Accordingly, modifications and deletions should only be made very carefully together with a supporter.

Transaction Panels



Datafield Description
Table This field contains the code for the codetable.
Check Uniqueness of Text If this flag is ticked it is not allowed to enter the same text for different codes.
Level cf Appendix A, Table STH field LEV
Language This field defines the language of the codetable
Code Length cf Appendix A, Table STH field CODLEN
Text Length cf Appendix A, Table STH field TXTLEN
Type of Sort cf Appendix A, Table STH field SRT
Not translatable Table cf Appendix A, Table STH field NO_TRLFLG
Code cf Appendix A, Table STB field COD
Text cf Appendix A, Table STB field TXT

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