USG - User Group

Module USG


Name Helptext Description Data Type Len Codetable
INR Internal Unique ID Text 8
EXTKEY External Key Text 6 USGTXT
NAM Name Text 40
VER Version Text 4
ETYEXTKEY Entity Text 8
GETFLDNRM Field holding the normalized search fields. Text 60

Datafield Description and Properties

Datafield INR Internal Unique ID

Unique internal ID of a record within the table. The INR is a text field, which is created by retrieving the next valid entry from the counter of this table. The field INR is used to enable links from other tables to this table.

For contractdata the INR also links the two tables xxD and xxT as associated entries hold the same INR.

Datafield EXTKEY External Key

This field holds the shortname of a user group. This shortname might be used in other tables to identify a user group. The 'User Group' codetable can be used to decode a user group to a language-dependent longname.

Datafield NAM Name

This is the descriptive longname of a user group used internally .

Datafield VER Version

This field holds the version counter used to keep track of the history of an entry of this table. The individual versions are managed by entries in the SLG table.

Datafield COLOR Color

This field controls the color in which the entries assigned to the user are displayed in the Dashboard charts.

Datafield ETYEXTKEY Entity

This field holds the external key of the owning entity to identify the logical owner of this entry.

This field is filled automatically during insert and is used as filter when accessing the database. Without special implementation only entries of the currently active entity are visible to the user.

Datafield GETFLDNRM Field holding the normalized search fields.

Field holding the concatenated and normalized sum of all search fields used by quick search. This is one of the fields set in a SdbSetNRMFields method defined in the table definition module.

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