Maintaining TradeDesign Rights

Transaction DBITDR

This transaction is used to maintain TradeDesign rights.

The following transactions can be started from here by clicking the icons in the list below for:

The “Minimum Password Length” field is used to specify the minimum number of characters that a new password must contain in order to be accepted. If the minimum password length is set to 0, there is no restriction to the minimum length of the password and even an empty password is valid. In the fields “Password Alphabetic Digits”, “Uppercase Characters”, “Lowercase Characters” and “Numeric Digits” the minimum number of the respective digits, that need to be in a valid password, can be defined.

The “maximum password length” specifies the maximum number of digits that make up a valid password. The “New Password” option in “Maintaining User Profiles” only accepts this maximum number of characters in the “Password” entry field.

The “Password expires” field is used to define the period in days after which a password will expire automatically.

The system is able to remember a maximum of nine passwords per account. The value in field “Number of Checked Old Passwords” is used to specify the number of password changes that will have to be performed before a previously used password can be used again.

If required, a user can also be banned from entering the system after a certain number of failed attempts in the Login procedure. This number of allowed failed logins can be defined via field “Maximum Retry Number”. When this number is exceeded, the account will be locked and needs to be unlocked by the system administrator.

In case the checkboxes “Log Successful Login” or “Log Login Failures” for successful and/or unsuccessful login attempts is/are checked, the corresponding entries containing information about the user and the application will be written to the specified log file(s).

The checkbox “Login inactive for days account locked” specifies the number of days after which the account of a user will be locked.

Any changes made are written to section 'Security Settings' in TDRIGHTS.INI after the icon has been clicked.

Transaction Panels

TradeDesign Rights

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