Maintaining System Parameters

Transaction DBITDP

This transaction can be used to display/modify system settings such as calendar, system language, system currency, screen settings, colors, fonts, etc. in the TDPARA.INI, DNGPARA.INI and TZ.INI system files.

The following transactions can be started from here by clicking the icons in the list below for:

Modifications made can greatly influence the correct functioning of the application. Therefore modifications should made be with assistance of support staff as some modifications may require additional conversion modules.

Settings in the DNGPARA.INI can be edited from the “Application Parameters” panel.

Transaction Panels

System Settings

Application Parameters


Datafield Description
Replace empty lines in SWIFT messages: In SWIFT messages empty lines are replaced by the character entered.

Following special entries are possible:
No entry means, all emptylines in SWIFT messages will be removed. In SWIFT Messages
created by auto convert, successive empty lines will be consolidated to one single
empty line which will be replaced by “.”

“DELETE” means, all empty lines in SWIFT messages are removed (also the remaining
last empty line in consolidated auto converted SWIFT messages.

“SPACE” means, all empty lines are kept.

If any other character or set of characters in entered, all epmpty lines will be
replaced by the entered character
Maximum Runtime on processing a SPT automatically After that periode (in seconds) the cancel processing will be executed
If no time ist set the system default 30 seconds.
this entry saved in dngpara.ini.


Forms Editor




Note on date format settings: If date fields are used in guarantee texts (whether in long or short format) that contain a SPACE - in line with the settings above - it might be that a line break splits the date. This can be avoided by replacing SPACE with Protected Space in the setting above. To do this press ALT + 0160.



Character Sets




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