Maintaining Timezones

Transaction DBITDT

This transaction is used to maintain timezones.

Using timezone is reasonable in such installations, in which users, user groups or entities work physically in another timezone than the timezone in which the server runs (the server has the internal time of the computer).

By defining timezones and assigning those to users, the application is capable of displaying date and time for the user (converted into the relevant timezone of the user).

Note: The setup or a modification of the system time (TZSystem) may not be done in a running system, as this could have direct effects on storing the timestamp in the database.

The following transactions can be started from here by clicking the icons in the list below for:

The timezone data are stored in file tz.ini.

The time that has elapsed between a timezone and the system time (time of the computer on which the application runs) is specified as “timezone offset”.
If the checkbox “Edit Summertime” is checked, there is summertime (daylight saving time) in that timezone. The start and end dates of the summertime and the deviations to the normal time of that zone is displayed.

Transaction Panels

Time Zone

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