Reorganizing Contract Balance System (CBS)

Transaction REOCBS

This transaction enables the reorganization of a specific contract in a selected business sector or of all contracts in a business sector. The transaction uses the current CBE bookings (CBE - CBS Entry) of the selected contract and creates the data sum in CBS ( CBB - CBS Balance per Column and Date Range) new after deletion of the old data.

As the configuration (in CBSCONF.INI ) defines the update of the balances, it can be used to determine automatically all balances on the basis of the bookings, after the CBS configuration has been changed. Additionally, during the start this transaction checks, if the configuration stored in CBSCONF.INI is appropriate for the currently used software and notifies the user, if there are any differences.

The checkbox “All Business Sectors” enables the reorganization of all contracts of all business sectors. If the checkbox is not set, a specific business sector can be selected. At first, in the field “Business Sector” the required business sector is selected. After this, the contract to be reorganized in the CBS is selected in the field “Reference No.”

If the checkbox “All Contracts” is checked, all contracts of the business sector will be reorganized. If the checkbox “All Contracts” is unchecked, either the reference number of the contract to be reorganized (of the currently selected business sector) can be specified in field “Reference No.”, or the user defines an SQL-Where-condition in the text field below. Only the contracts defined in the SQL-Where-condition will then be reorganized, respectively.

The reorganization is be started by clicking . In case only the CBB balances are to be checked for correctness, the icon has to be clicked.

The old version and the newly created version of the file CBSCONF.INI can be displayed via the icon and . The differences between the two versions of the file can be displayed by clicking the . The differences are highlighted in color.

By clicking the icon the results of this transaction (since start) will be displayed. The newly created CBSCONF file will not be active before the icon has been clicked.

Transaction Panels

Reorganization of CBS

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