Reorganizing Data Directories

Transaction REOFIL

This transaction is used to delete files in subdirectories of the partition 'data'. Only those files are deleted for which there are no entry in the database. At present, the following subdirectories in the partition 'data' are supported:

  • bimdata
  • trndata
  • delete
  • log
  • display
  • docs
  • sepdata

The directories, that have to be taken into account can be selected by checking the relevant checkbox.

The icon can be used to display all the files to be deleted in the field “Matches”.

Clicking button deletes the files.

Clicking the icon displays the events of processing since the transaction was started.

Transaction Panels



Datafield Description
Deleting DAT Files (Partition <data>/trndata) DAT files in the trndata partition contain the transaction data
and are used when correcting a transaction.
The files are quite large and are (if not switched off) deleted in the workflow.
A check is performed on the date the transaction was
Typical Value: Current day
Maximum Value: 1 Month
Deleting SEP Files of settled SEPs, TRN before The SEP files located in partition <data>/sepdata are relatively large and
contain the details of temporary settlememts.
The relevant pointer in table SEP displays, when and via which TRN the
temporary settlement was created and finally settled. After the final
settlement, the data of the temporary settlement are not required any more.
A check is performed against the date of the final settlement. This settling
transaction has to be completed.
Typical Value: 4 Days
Maximum Value: 1 Month

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