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A 'Manual Contract' has to be opened first to provide a basis for sending common messages. A manual contract is the point of reference for common messages. Creating manual contracts makes it possible to use all system functionality of the application also in the common messages.

On the “Overview” panel the new data for the manual contract to be created has to be entered. After clicking (Save) the application automatically assigns a reference number for this contract.

Contract infotext and settlement information are specified on the “Completion” panel. A list of available messages can be found on the “Messages” panel.

The MyModelbank contains several contracts at various stages of processing which provide examples of the contingent variations. The relevant transactions have then been processed in full to illustrate the methods of working with the application. The list of contracts and processed transactions can be found in the chapter 'Contracts and Transactions'. These examples have been written with the standard version of the application. Due to the fact that customer-specific adjustments may have been carried out, real results can vary from those provided by the MyModelbank.

The different ways of working with the individual transactions are described in the user documentation of the application.

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