Maintaining User Groups

Transaction DBIUSG

This transaction is used to maintain user groups.

The main function of the user groups is to simplify the default settings for printing. Furthermore, the descriptions of the user group can be entered in multiple languages, which can be specified in the correspondence. Before an individual user can be assigned to a user group, the name of the user group must be entered as part of maintaining user profiles.

To select a user group, either enter the name of the group, or search for it by clicking the icon .

The following transactions can be started from here by clicking the icons in the list below for:

In relation to the “Management Dashboard” module, it is necessary to create individual teams/user groups and assign individual users to a team using the user maintenance facility. Only users already assigned to a team are shown in the graphics of the “Dashboard Office - Teamleader”. The color coding of the user group (and of the individual users) is configurable. In the “Color for Report” field a color for the user group can be seleced from a fixed set of colors available. In the transaction “Maintaining User Profiles”, the “Color” field is used to select a color variant of the color defined for the user group. If no color has been defined for the user group, then these entries will be displayed in the diagrams in gray.

Transaction Panels

User Group


Datafield Description
External Key cf Appendix A, Table USG field EXTKEY
Name cf Appendix A, Table USG field NAM
Color cf Appendix A, Table USG field COLOR
Technical Form cf Appendix A, Table PRT field TEF
Use Printer Configuration from: cf Appendix A, Table PRT field GETPRT
Printer cf Appendix A, Table PRT field PRT
Paper Tray cf Appendix A, Table PRT field BIN
Tray for 2nd Page cf Appendix A, Table PRT field BIN2

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