Maintaining Application Transaction Profiles

Transaction DBIATP

This transaction is used to maintain application transaction profiles. Application transaction profiles contain all the information the application needs to process/maintain this transaction.

The “Transaction” field is used to select the transaction whose profile is to be displayed.

The following transactions can be started from here by clicking the icons in the list below:

Note: Every business transaction used in the application needs to be defined correctly in the table ATP as otherwise system malfunctions could occur. For further details, see general information under Transaction Profiles and Configuration.

The names of the transaction are listed in the “Description” field on the right hand side of the panel in the various languages. These have been entered in the ATPTXT codetable. From here, the transaction names are read by the respective transactions and displayed in the title bar for each transaction. In addition, the 6-digit transaction code is also displayed in square brackets before the transaction name.

Descriptions in ATPTXT can be amended using the “Maintain Codetables” transaction.

“Passed Data Required” is to be checked if the transaction is to received data transfered from a preceding transaction and therefore cannot be started directly from the Office or Launch Transaction functions.

Check “Job Operation Allowed” if the transaction can be started using the “Job Manager”.

The associated business sector of a transaction is defined using combobox option of the same name. The field “Business Sector” is left blank, if it is not a business sector transaction.

“Object Type” identifies the (sub-)contract to which incoming messages are routed. For transactions that add sub-contracts, this is usually the main contract (thus, LED is to be entered for LETDAV). With transactions that handle document records, enter a sub-contract (thus, enter BED for BETFRE).

Check “Business Transaction” if the transaction is used to edit contracts and messages. Do not check the box for information and selection transactions.

The following checkboxes also have to be assigned when defining a business transaction:

  • Subcontract-creating Transaction - for these transactions subcontracts may be created
  • Creating New Contracts Allowed - this transaction can create new main contracts and does not necessarily receive information from a contract
  • Routing Allowed - Rerouting of Incoming Messages to transaction is allowed


Transaction Panels

Application Transaction Profile


Datafield Description
Transaction ID cf Appendix A, Table ATP field COD
Need Transferred Data to Execute cf Appendix A, Table ATP field DTAFLG
Job Operation Allowed cf Appendix A, Table ATP field JOBFLG
Associated Object Type cf Appendix A, Table ATP field LNKOBJ
Business Transaction Flag cf Appendix A, Table ATP field BUSTRNFLG
Business Sector cf Appendix A, Table ATP field BUS
Routing Allowed cf Appendix A, Table ATP field ROUFLG
Allocate New Contract cf Appendix A, Table ATP field CONCREFLG
Subcontract-creating Transaction cf Appendix A, Table ATP field SUBFLG

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